About Me

“You cannot step into the same river twice”. – Hereclitus


Yes! Because it is not the same river, and you are not the same person. I think about this when I go out to shoot because it reminds me that everything changes!  To me, landscapes are in flux and are always in the process of becoming something new; either through slow geologic processes, moment by moment in the ever changing light, or even altered by human hands and human dreams. My work is all about this dynamic. 


Rob Gilmore is an award winning Photographer who grew up in St. Louis and received a degree in Mass Communication from Southern Illinois University. He worked as a natural history filmmaker and award winning interactive designer in Silicon Valley until 1996 when he founded Stone Circle Studios to pursue his love of photography

After 20 years of living out west in California and Sedona, Arizona, Rob has returned home to St. Louis and resides there with his wife Judy, who is a painter, and son Galen who wants to be an astrophysicist.

What people are saying:

"We picked up a couple of prints last weekend at the Orchard Lake Art Show and I haven’t been able to stay away for long. They are so beautiful and I feel like there’s a story behind each one. I am enjoying your website, too. If you put together a book with descriptions, I want an autographed copy!! Such a talent."        -- Linda Mayo

You have a wonderful variety of beautiful photos. Really love the "Grandfather Tree" print and frame we bought from you at Cincinnati Summerfair. It looks amazing in our bedroom.    -- Dan Cosner

We bought 'Ghost Aspens' and it is incredible! -- Scott Sheppard

"We really enjoyed meeting you at Mosaics Festival for the Arts, and it was fun talking about the pluses and minuses of life in California! Your work really captured our imagination so we're going to keep up with it online. Thanks! "   -- Jennifer Ruhl

"We purchased this beautiful photo , 'Wordsworth's Angel',  framed while the family was still in Arizona. I treasure and love it."   -- Patti Palma

"Rob - Still enjoying my artwork I got from you a couple of years ago. Happy to see you are still seeking. These new photographs are truly inspired. Some took my breath away. Keep up the good work." -- Nancy Hansen

"Great pictures, completely in my taste :) "    --  Annabel

"Heart Tree" is great! It looks like the life is coming from the inside of the tree! -- Marvin

"Thank you, Rob, for coming back to the Ren Faire in Las Cruces NM - and on my birthday no less! :) Dee and I loved seeing you and your new pieces and were so happy to be able to introduce Caryn and John to you. We all love our selections and look forward to seeing you again. Love to you and your family." -- Dee Jones

"Rob, I saw your art at the Art Fair at Queeny Park. Your work is amazing. Keep showing God's work to the world."    -- Colletta Marie Green

"Fantastic work Rob Gilmore!! I have just checked some of your recent photos and it took me to another world. It is so nice to see your photos and each one is rich with professionalism and talent. I hope you will have a great week ahead." --  Sandra

"The pictures you have a great I love to at those picture its very inspiring. I'm so grateful I found this website."    -- Bob Lalas

"Recommended by Mr. Scott Sheperd for viewing...So glad he did...Lovely photos...very calming...Kudos Mr. Gilmore." -- Amparito Yadao

"I'm so happy I found your work at Mosaics this weekend. The Moon in Ice fits beautifully in our bedroom. I love it. Love Adam and Eve too but still looking for the perfect spot. Inspired work that speaks to my heart. Thank you." -- Deb Shahan

"Beautiful photo. I have a cabin nearby (La Honda) and it really is like Lothlorien there!"  -- Amy

"I was very impressed with all of the photos I saw at today's Art in the Park at Francis Park, especially the one I bought ( the hillside of beautiful green trees enriched by a bit of setting sun). And thanks for the second image you gave me instead of my change. I hope there will be other occasions to see and perhaps acquire more of your beautifully real and wonderfully intelligent work."    --  Jerry Helbing